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The Pleasure of Shower Sex: 5 Best Positions

Shower sex can be a tantalizing adventure, but it often comes with its own set of challenges. While movies and TV shows portray it as steamy and effortless, the reality can be quite different. Slippery surfaces, limited space, and difficulty accessing certain areas can turn the experience into a source of frustration rather than pleasure. However, with the right approach and some strategic positioning, shower sex can become the erotic escapade you desire. In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of shower sex and share the five best positions to make your shower encounters steamy and satisfying.

Dos and Don’ts for Shower Sex

To ensure a satisfying and safe shower sex experience, there are a few key points to consider. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of engaging in intimate activities in the shower.


  1. Think beyond P-in-V: Expand your definition of sex to include various forms of pleasure beyond penetration. Embrace the versatility of your bodies and explore other erogenous zones for heightened enjoyment.
  2. Prioritize safety: Before getting down and dirty, assess the shower area for sturdy surfaces that can support your weight. Avoid putting excessive strain on soap dishes or shower curtain rods. Opt for positions that provide stability, such as those involving sitting or kneeling.
  3. Create a clean and inviting environment: Ensure that your bathroom, especially the shower, is clean and free of any unpleasant sights or odors. A fresh and pleasant atmosphere can enhance the overall experience.


  1. Neglect the use of lubricant: Although the shower provides a wet environment, it does not substitute for the benefits of using a proper lubricant. Water does not offer the same level of lubrication as a dedicated product. Opt for silicone-based lubricants that are water-resistant and provide longer-lasting lubrication.
  2. Attempt standing positions without practice: While standing positions may seem appealing in the shower, they require a certain level of balance and coordination. Practice these positions on dry land before attempting them in the shower to avoid accidents or injuries.
  3. Feel obligated to finish in the shower: Remember that sexual encounters do not have to end in orgasm. If you feel satisfied and comfortable, it’s perfectly acceptable to move the action to a more suitable location outside of the shower.

5 Best Shower Sex Positions

Now, let’s dive into the five best shower sex positions that can enhance your pleasure and maintain safety.

Standing Doggy
  • This standing position offers stability and easy access for both partners.
  • The receiving partner stands in front of the penetrating partner, facing away.
  • The receiving partner bends over while the penetrating partner enters from behind.
  • The receiving partner can use the wall, tub edge, or floor for support, while the penetrating partner can place a hand on the wall for stability.
Standing Pretzel

This position provides a taste of the excitement of lifting without the added difficulty.

  • The penetrating partner stands with their feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and knees slightly bent.
  • The receiving partner wraps one leg around the penetrating partner’s waist.
  • The penetrating partner can provide additional support by holding onto the receiver’s thigh from underneath.
Standing Oral Sex  

This position allows for oral pleasure while maintaining stability for the standing partner.

  • The receiving partner stands with their legs spread apart.
  • The giving partner kneels in front of the receiving partner.
  • For easier access during cunnilingus, the receiving partner can place one foot on the edge of the tub.

This sitting position offers stability and comfort for both partners.

  • The penetrating partner sits on the shower floor.
  • The receiving partner straddles them, facing in the same direction.
  • Position the receiving partner’s back towards the showerhead for shared warmth and comfort.
Reverse Cowpoke

This variation of the Cowpoke position adds anal or G-spot stimulation.

  • The penetrating partner sits on the shower floor.
  • The receiving partner straddles them, facing the opposite direction.
  • This position allows for vaginal or anal penetration, while still providing stability and comfort.


Shower sex can be an enticing and enjoyable experience if approached with the right mindset and knowledge. By following the dos and don’ts and trying out the recommended positions, you can make your shower encounters steamier and more pleasurable. Remember to prioritize safety, communicate with your partner, and be open to exploring the diverse pleasures that shower sex can offer.

Common Questions about Shower Sex Positions

Is it safe to have shower sex?

Shower sex can be safe if certain precautions are taken. Assess the shower area for stability, use proper lubrication, and avoid risky positions that may lead to falls or injuries.

Do I need to use lubricant during shower sex?

Yes, using a suitable lubricant is important during shower sex. Water is not an adequate lubricant, and silicone-based lubricants are recommended for their water-resistant properties.

Can I try standing positions for the first time in the shower?

It’s generally advised to try standing positions on dry land before attempting them in the shower. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the positions and maintain better balance and coordination.

Does shower sex have to end in orgasm?

No, sexual encounters do not have to end in orgasm. The goal is mutual pleasure and satisfaction. If both partners are content and comfortable, there is no pressure to reach climax.

How can I make shower sex more enjoyable?

To enhance your shower sex experience, prioritize communication, explore different erogenous zones, and maintain a relaxed and playful mindset. Experiment with positions that provide stability and allow easy access.

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